Hi “NotJustTheMeatGuy” here!


Hello everyone it’s the weekend! Some of you might be saying, “Yeah Boooy, lets get chocolate wasted!!!” like Flava Flav, and others would be like, “Hey I still have to work…” I would probably fit the middle because, yeah It’s the weekend and I don’t have school or have to wake up so early but then I still have to work on a “Weekend Project”. 



I don’t mind working on a weekend project because It challenges you to think like a developer and use your time effectively. Sometimes managing time is really hard for some people including me and I really think setting a time limit helps not only with the management of your time but also with work, school, family and any other important or daily activities.



Ok back to the weekend project; I’m working on a responsive website that has three pages of information that includes a nav-bar that links the pages, a logo that sits on the side of the nav-bar, different size fonts and font families, pictures that are on the side of some text, links that change the mouse when you hover over it, media queries that allows you make the page responsive by adding breaking points for different size screens, a calendar which seem like the hardest part and colors. I have to create three separate HTML files and style them three different times. This may seem simple to some and hard for others, for me it is a lot of work with a small amount of time to complete but it’s doable. Don’t get me wrong this is a challenge for sure but if I focus and work hard I’m pretty sure I will be able to finish by Monday. I’m sure I will have to go through this all the time when I start working at a company and I would probably have help but right now I don’t and need to manage my time better while doing so.

I have finished the HTML portion of the all three pages already which was the simple part the hard part now is styling the page to the mockup image that we were issued and using all the skills we have learned up until now. I have learned a lot in the two weeks that I have been at The Iron Yard and thats freaking awesome I feel confident to take on other projects but this has my attention right now and it sucks lol. But when Monday come it will be the start of JavaScript and I can’t wait.

Well thats the gist of my weekend project and my thoughts on it so. . .

This has been “NotJustTheMeatGuy”


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