Hey NotJustTheMeatGuy back again.

I know I was a little unenthusiastic yesterday when I was speaking about learning and using JavaScript to make an HTML document, but I made one and it feels great. I had a tremendous amount of help from classmates but over all I did it. 

To be honest I did feel like giving up and just saying hi to Python because it was much easier to understand. Mainly because I didn’t know or understand how I was supposed to use the methods within a for loop with nested if statements with a nested for loop to target an array and the elements inside. Now I know how to create elements, classes and attributes, how to target them and use them inside a loop with conditions and its a good feeling.

With the project im doing I created the HTML with JavaScript and now im styling it with CSS. There is a way to style it with JavaScript also but I think I would go crazy if I had to do that. “Lol”, but the styling is the easy part and glad because I have already finished. Now all I have to do is use CSS to add the font awesome icons and then its on to the weekend project.

The Weekend project is making a “Calculator” do simple math problems and taking inputs. I’ll talk about this more in a seperate post, but till them share and follow me on Twitter.

This has been NotJustTheMeatGuy!” 

See Ya!

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