Hey everyone “NotJustTheMeatGuy” here!

Today in class we started (RWD) or “Responsive Web Design” with CSS. This was a good thing because Flexbox was a pain to learn, but I think I finally have a good grasp of how to use it. You still have to use flexbox with Responsive Web Design but at least it doesn’t have to be just the flex. This was all new to me, I knew there was another way to have a responsive website without using Bootstrap but was not sure of how I would go about doing it. I could have looked into it before but you know you have to learn one thing at a time. Anyways I will try to help others understand how Media Queries make a site responsive if you do not already know.

First Media Queries, “What is it?”. “I don’t know Andrew you tell me.” Well Media Queries are a CSS technique used in responsive design.¬†They set conditions that, when met, adjust specified aspects of a page which is often sizing without having to alter any of the content. This is the basics of a responsive site, allowing you to have a site that works on all platforms saves time and is less work. When people say they have a mobile first site, they mean that the site was made for a mobile devices first and sized up to fit tablets and desktops. Its good practice to do so because it is much easier to take something simple and make it complicated by adding on to it than it is to take something complicated and try to condense it. This is where Media Queries come in handy. I won’t get to detailed on this topic because I can only explain how I understand it and everyone has their own way of understanding these things. If you do need help with it just leave me a message on twitter with your name and email.

I wish I could have elaborated a little more on this topic but had to help a friend in need with his work.

Well this has been “NotJustTheMeatGuy” saying,

See ya later.

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