Hi “NotJustTheMeatGuy” here!

Hello fellow Humans. My name is Andrew and This is a page dedicated to “The Iron Yard” and My studies. I am not obligated in any way to do this. This is just going to be about my experience before, during and after the program. So lets start off by getting to know “The Iron Yard”.


Now I know some people don’t know what The Iron Yard is, Well I am here to tell you. The Iron Yard is one of many coding bootcamps around the world. “If you want to know what what a coding bootcamp is click the link”. Did you read it? Ha ha! Good!

The Iron Yard has 15 locations throughout the U.S. Yes 15, that’s pretty cool huh. Just to know they have reach is a good sign.

The Iron Yard exist to create real, lasting change for people, companies and communities through technology education”. As it says on their website.

Their mission is to connect with people pursuing the craft and lifelong adventure of technology and help equip them with the skills they need to both get started and progress throughout their careers. Hoping that those they journey with are energized to make a difference through their work.

This sounds good aye? Makes you feel like they are actually here to make a difference. Well at least that is what I think. It will probably get better once I start on the 22nd, and I can’t wait. “But wait there’s more!”


They believe that passionate, talented people who love what they do will create and sustain great families, jobs, companies and solutions to the world’s problems. Is it me or does that sound like something a humanitarian would say right. You know like Micheal Jackson would be the spokes person coming to the stage saying; “It’s been said that the sum of parts can be greater than the whole, and we couldn’t agree more”.

Ha! That sounds great aye? The Iron Yard is made up of a broad, deep and growing network of instructors, developers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, partners, board members and hiring partners, all of whom are passionate about waking up each day and accomplishing their mission.


Wow these guys sound awesome don’t they. Well I think so lol. I will be posting to this page throughout my time at The Iron Yard, and hopefully you all can join me through this journey. I enjoy blogging and expressing myself and saying whats on my mind. I do not do so well in front of cameras, but maybe just maybe one day I will create a Youtube channel or video blog on Tumblr. Speaking of social media lol. You can follow me on Twitter @Andrewz_os and Tumblr @NotJustTheMeatGuy. If you want to chat or talk about tech, development, bootcamps or what ever “Hit Me Up” on those platforms or just comment on some of my blogs.

Well this has been “NotJustTheMeatGuy”.

Stay tuned for more info on Me and The Iron Yard.

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