Hello “NotJustTheMeatGuy” again.

I know the title can be a little intimidating for people looking to get into studying “JavaScript“but don’t let that deter you from studing it. Just like anything you do for the first time has its ups and downs, so does learning a object oriented programming language like JavaScript.

For me learning JavaScript by itself has been really tough and I don’t know why. I have been trying to understand objects, with functions, with loops and conditionals and for me it’s not clicking all the way. I some what understand it but not completely. Like I understand that everything inside JavaScript is an object and that I could use a loop to run through an array and get each of the items inside and use a conditional to get a certain item or see if something is inside… 

I don’t know, just having a difficult time with this. But I wont give give up and will try my hardest to learn it. I have a theory that since I use to draw and thought about things in an artist perspective that its much harder. But that shouldn’t matter right. . . 

Well this has been “NotJustTheMeatGuy”, with a really short one today.

I’ll be back when my head is more clear on this subject. Need to really focus on this.

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