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Front End Developer!

Well this is just awesome, amazing, extraordinary actually. Yesterday was the last day of Front End development, and I made it. The Iron Yard taught us all the basic, intermediate, and some advanced skills we would need to start our journey as Jr Front End Developers. This is not to say we are done

with learning far from it, but to say we have learned enough to keep learning and get a job. In this field of work learning more is a lifetime after the init commit.



We went over a lot and learned a lot from the time we started four weeks ago till now. So far we have learned things from HTML forms to CSS Responsive Design and Finally API’s. Thats not to say we have mastered everything but what

I have learned is that you cant master everything, it’s impossible and as a developer we should know how to use our resources to find what we don’t know and ask questions when need be.



For our daily huddle yesterday we watched a really inspiring video called The myth of the “Real JavaScript DeveloperBrenna O’Brien / Front-Trends 2016.

Brenna O’Brien spoke words that really made me feel like I could make it in this field. I was feeling pretty down and heavy hearted because I felt like I did need to know everything and if I didn’t I would not be able to succeed, but after watching that video I was reassured about doing this.

I you want to do something, anything, you just have to believe it is possible.

Also I have a new page for my projects they are just skitch images but its to show what I have been working on through out these last four weeks. I don’t have everything on their and some are not complete but it is still progress. I will continue to post projects from now on and when we get into Backend development next week I will post information about that also.

Until next time

This has been “NotJustTheMeatGuy’ Saying,


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