Linux and it’s wonderful magic!

Hi “NotJustTheMeatGuy” here! Over the last few months I’ve been learning more and more about the Linux OS. About the creator, the different flavors, the different types of distros and environments and the large communities surrounding each one. The way you can flash live image‘s to a USB or DVD. The way they can be […]


Hi welcome to NotJustTheMeatGuy. Im learning to code from a site called FreeCodeCamp and I just finished the second beginner project that took me about a week. It included foot-printing, reworks and start overs. I must have started over at least 5 to 7 times before I thought hey why not just turn in the… […]

sysadminshowto: Challenge 😁 Lmfao wow im glad the person didnt fuck your system up. It’s only fair to share…

I have wanted to make a partition for the Arch linux distro from the beginning but I’ve not gotten to the level of Arch yet and dont really have the time to spend on customising a whole new os. One day though I will get to that point in my life where i just want […]